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Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaid Dresses & Wedding Accessories Based Central Scotland

Itís an exciting time and potentially a confusing one so before you start diving into shops to try on hereís a few things weíve found that can help:-

Thereís no wrong time to go looking but as it takes around six months to have a dress ordered, fitted and altered leave yourself plenty of time for trying on before that six month deadline.

Remember that what looks good in photographs in magazines or online wonít necessarily suit (or fit) you! Only by trying on can you find the style that suits your figure best. The internet has great bargains for many things but itís risky to buy your wedding dress that way; one of our recent brides had bought three unsuitable dresses before deciding to visit a shop!

Phone ahead and book appointments. Itís hard to go out looking only to be told that the fabulous dress in the window canít be tried on then and there as the shop diary is full that day. And remember, the dresses often look completely different on a body than they do on a hanger.

Everyone will want to be involved in helping you choose your dress but bear in mind that the more people you bring along the more potentially differing advice youíll get. Why not go out initially with mum and/or a close friend to narrow down the options then involve everyone in finally approving your choice? Oh, and think about the underwear you take; youíll need a well fitting strapless bra and, as someone is likely to be helping you in and out of dresses, maybe not a thong?

Listen to staff in the shops. They know how their dresses work on different girls and will often suggest trying a style you may dismiss on the hanger. Humour them. Itís amazing how often a bride has said to us ďIíd never have pulled that one off the rail myselfĒ when ordering their dress.

Planning to lose weight? Do it now! Donít wait until nearer to the wedding. Itís never a good idea to order a size smaller and potentially struggle to get down the size so the diet starts now.

Have fun If youíre out and about trying on and you arenít enjoying the experience try another shop. If itís unpleasant at this stage it wonít get any better as time goes on.

We look forward to welcoming you into our shop and hope to have the privilege of helping you find your perfect dress.